Constant Acts of Courage Breed Success

Constant Acts of Courage Breed Success

We have all heard stories of people who displayed great courage to achieve great things in their lifetimes.  People like Winston Churchill, Ray Kroc, Michael Jordan, & George Washington quickly come to mind. It’s no secret that it takes courage to achieve success.

What is far more secretive is the fact that constant acts of courage are needed just about every day to achieve success in one’s life.  When we think of courage most of us think in terms of big acts that yield big results, but it’s really the lesser-known acts that truly make us successful.


Breaking from the status quo requires courage


Perhaps the first success hurdle which requires an act of courage is breaking from the status quo.  If you have a good job, but have always dreamed of starting a business, it will certainly require an act of courage for you to take that chance.  If you normally watch football with your friends every Monday night, it takes courage to end that routine because you need to work late on your business. If you normally meet friends for breakfast every Saturday morning it takes courage to say you can’t do it anymore because you need to train for your upcoming marathon.

Breaking from the status quo can be frightening, and it requires serious courage to make it happen. This is a “big” act of courage which will only require many more “smaller” acts of courage to succeed.


Once one does break from the status quo and then becomes resolved to accomplish a goal it then takes follow through to see that goal through to successful fruition.


Courage is needed all day long


I know for a fact that most people who achieve great success monitor closely when they go to bed at night and when they wake up in the morning.   I think we all can agree that waking up before the crack of dawn, day in and day out, requires some courage. The easy way out is to turn off the alarm clock and go back to sleep.

Now that you are out of bed what is your next step?  Are you going to drink coffee and scroll through your Facebook feed?  Or, are you going to have the courage to put some healthy food in your body and get some exercise so that you have optimal energy to power yourself through the day?

When your workday begins what will you do with it?  Have you had the courage all week long to manage your schedule properly?  Did you have the courage to say no to meeting requests that aren’t going to help you achieve your goal?  In other words, did you tell your friends that you can’t watch Monday Night Football anymore because you have to get up at 5 am every day in order to achieve your goal?

Acts of courage are needed all day, and every day.

Constant Acts of courage vs success

Good decisions require courage


At a young age, I was told: “Integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking”.  Of course, at the time of hearing that, I was probably doing something which lacked integrity, which is why it was told to me, but needless to say, that statement couldn’t be more true.  What is implied by that statement is that it takes courage to make the right decisions.


Many times good decisions are hard to make.


I am an Entrepreneur with a focus in Real Estate Brokerage, Investment and Software Development.  While all of my business endeavors have required constant acts of courage to make the right decisions, I have learned the most from my role as a salesperson.  Any sales business is tough because there is constant failure.  In other words, you are told “no” way more then you are told “yes”, and that quickly tries your patience and, in turn, your integrity.

Here are some examples of tough decisions that require a Real Estate Salesperson to dig down and find the courage to come to the right decision.  Perhaps you can see how these same examples apply to your business or profession:


  • My Client’s home, which I have listed for sale, is overpriced and won’t sell.  I recommended this price to them and now I need to recommend that they need to drop their price.
    • If this is you are you going to bury your head in the sand or are you going to muster the courage to have an honest conversation with your client?


  • I have shown my Client 45 homes and they haven’t made any offers yet.
    • If this is you are you going have the courage to request a meeting with your Client to discuss why this is the case?


  • My technology skills are lacking which ultimately affects my ability to market my client’s homes for sale as well as my ability to market myself.
    • If this is you are you going to muster the courage to block time to learn so that you can acquire the skills that you need to advance your business?


  • I am overwhelmed with workflow and I need some help.
    • If this is you are going to find the courage to stop what you are doing and find the right person to help you so that your business can continue to grow?  Once you have the person are you going to courageously set aside your own time so that you can pour yourself into your new assistant to ensure the work gets delegated properly?


  • I just got an internet lead.  I will wait 10 minutes until I finish talking with my buddy to call them.
    • If you get internet leads for your business are you going to be courageous enough to contact them immediately? It’s proven that leads which are contacted immediately convert at higher rates.


Courage is needed to live a meaningful life

Perhaps you are an Entrepreneur who has already achieved lots of business success, but perhaps other areas of your life are not where you want them to be.  In Stephen Covey’s book “7 Habits of Highly Successful People”, he writes about “sharpening the saw” which translated means taking the time you need to renew and refresh yourself so that you can be more effective at what you do.

So how do you measure up on being renewed and refreshed?  If the answer is that you don’t feel either of those, and your business is the reason for it, then you need to put systems and processes into place so that you individually can take a break from your business while it still thrives.  Of course, this too will take courage, because it will add cost to your business, and require more of your time to initially put these systems and processes into place. With that said, feeling renewed and refreshed each day is worth working towards is it not?


Go For It!


In summary, constant acts of courage are needed at every turn if you want to achieve your goals.  That nervous feeling in your gut can only be eradicated by courage. Rather than trying to ignore those feelings simply muster the courage each and every day and go for it.  What you will find is that if you increase your acts of courage your level of success will rise.

Why do Real Estate Agents pass up easy money for something which could greatly benefit their clients?

Why do Real Estate Agents pass up easy money for something which could greatly benefit their clients?

According to the National Association of Realtors 2018 Profile of a Home Buyer and Home Seller report 64% of Sellers and 53% of Buyers find their Real Estate Agent through a referral by a friend, neighbor, relative, or they use the same Agent they had in the past.

In short, Friends, Neighbors, Relatives & Past Clients are the four pillars of any Real Estate Agents business.

So, what about the other 36% of Sellers and 47% of Buyers? How do they find their Real Estate Agent? As one could imagine there is a myriad of other sources, but the simple fact is that Zillow and Realtor.com capture the vast majority of those Buyers and Sellers.

Using simple logic one could deduce that humans prefer a personal connection when selecting a Real Estate Agent. Why? It’s simple, buying or selling real property is a massively important transaction in one’s life. It’s also complex.

So, if a personal connection to find one’s Real Estate Agent is so important why do such a large portion of Buyers (47%) seek an alternate method to one of the four pillars noted above? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Many Buyers are moving to an area where they don’t yet have many personal relationships established. And this is where Real Estate Agents have always dropped the ball.

Real Estate Agents have the unique ability to help their clients transition from one marketplace to the next due to a well established and unwritten rule. It’s the rule of the referral fee. For generations, Real Estate Agents have been referring their clients to one another and for doing so a referral fee is exchanged.

A referral fee can range between 25% – 40%. This can equate to thousands of dollars.

So, if a Real Estate Agent can earn thousands of dollars for simply referring their client to another Real Estate Agent why isn’t it done more often? Here are the top three answers we often hear when we talk with Real Estate Agents about it:

  • It’s not easy to find the right Agent.
  • Clients want the info right away, so I guess going to Zillow is faster for them.
  • I have been burned in the past by another Agent so I am hesitant to refer my clients anymore.

The inspiration to build REALLY came from this question: “why isn’t there a tool which allows Professionals who serve the Real Estate Industry to connect, communicate, and securely exchange referrals with speed and ease?”

REALLY, and it’s “REALLY Easy Referral” process is a game-changer for Real Estate Agents. This is the tool that solves the three problems noted above because it accomplishes the following:

  • Members of REALLY simply send their client referral through the system and candidates come to them.
  • Using the REALLY Easy Referral process takes minutes, and replaces old processes which took days or even weeks.
  • Members of REALLY hold one another accountable with the power of community. A Member of the community who breaks the trust of another is certain to tarnish their reputation.

It may seem like David vs Goliath, but REALLY is on a mission to help Real Estate Professionals take the lead generation power of their industry back from the likes of Zillow. Why? Because our friends, neighbors, and relatives clearly prefer it that way!

REALLY Easy Referrals in Atlantic City at Triple Play 2019

REALLY Easy Referrals in Atlantic City at Triple Play 2019

On December 10th, 2019 Really, Inc. will officially hit the open market.  Ryan Fisher, Giovanni Lasalandra, and I will be there to greet thousands of Realtors from the NY, NJ, & PA area.  The whole REALLY Team is thrilled to be amongst our Members.  We will be doing live demonstrations of the REALLY platform all day on Tuesday 12/10, and Wednesday 12/11.  During these demos we hope to answer any questions that our Members might have, and also to give lots of great tips on how to exchange more referrals than ever before.

Really, Inc will be at booth #433.  See map at the bottom of this post

I love it when a plan comes together!

Now, we are not trying to compare ourselves to the ATeam (a reference to those who are between the ages of 35-50), but we are pretty stoked about our new plans for our Members.  Haven’t seen them yet?  Click here to check out the full details.

These plans were carefully crafted to supercharge “The Real Estate Referral Community”.  We stay committed to never taking a piece of our Member’s commission.  Getting in the middle to take a cut of an Agent’s commission is offensive.  Instead, we offer our Members reasonable plans to help fuel their referral business.

Promo code especially for You!

All who come to visit the REALLY booth at Triple Play on 12/10 & 12/11/19 will receive a promo code that will provide a substantial discount on all of our plans and add-on products.  Be sure to stop by to receive the promo code.


Come see the REALLY Team at booth #433.



Don’t Search, Just “Send” It!

Don’t Search, Just “Send” It!

Habits are undoubtedly a major force in all of our lives.  As we all know some habits are good which cause us less stress and provide us a better life, and some habits are bad which cause us more stress and minimize the joy in our life.  So, let’s try to get rid of an old habit when it comes to sending a client referral and replace it with one which will indeed cause us less stress and save us time!

Our REALLY Easy Referral Process allows a Member to “send” their client referral through our system.  Once it’s sent, REALLY does all of the work to find several ready, willing, and able Agent Candidates to choose from.  There is no need for a Member to waste their time searching for the right Agent. JUST SEND IT!

Look for this button on REALLY!

Let’s use a new tool to create a good habit!

We encourage all of our Members to resist the temptation of using the search bar in REALLY when trying to send a client referral.  After all, who better to receive your referral then an Agent with local knowledge and a sincere desire to assist your client? Isn’t that who we all want to handle our client referrals?  

With our REALLY Easy Referral process, the best Agents come to you.  They are competing for your referral, and all you have to do is fill out a simple form and click submit.  Literally the rest is handled for you. Click here to read more about the nuts and bolts of how referrals are processed through REALLY. 

Some more good news – no referral credit required.

When you utilize our REALLY Easy Referral process to send your referral you are not required to have a referral credit in your account to do to.  Click here to learn more about referral credits.

So, there you have it.  Don’t Search, Just “Send” It!  If you do that time and again, you will have created a great habit which will not only save you lots of time, but it will fatten thy wallet!

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.  – Aristotle

What does it mean to be “Verified” on REALLY™?

What does it mean to be “Verified” on REALLY™?

As the core mission of REALLY™ was being finalized, the three steps that would enable its success became apparent. These steps even formed a very easy-to-remember acronym:


  1. Verify
  2. Collaborate
  3. Refer

There is a reason we started with Verify. You cannot accomplish the last two steps without it. After all, how can you Collaborate with or Refer a client to another Member without proper verification?  Just as you wouldn’t share confidential information with a stranger on the street, you wouldn’t want to share a client’s information on a community referral platform. You want to be confident that the Agents or Brokers you find on REALLY™ are who they say they are before you try to bring them into your sphere.

How do I become verified on REALLY™?

We want as many Members to be verified on REALLY™ as possible. Here is how you do it.

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose or create your Agency or Team
  3. Verify phone number
  4. Verify your email
  5. Subscribe to the Pro plan or a la carte verification option.

CREATE ACCOUNT: When creating your account make sure to provide your full name, the Agency you are associated with, your mobile number, email address, Real Estate License number, and the State which holds your license.

CHOOSE OR CREATE YOUR AGENCY OR TEAM: We encourage Members to share REALLY with fellow Agents or Brokers within the same Agency or Team. Once you join an existing Agency or Team you are instantly connected with everyone via a chat group and directory, making collaboration easy. Within the directory, you can chat one on one with another Agent or Broker. If you have to create an Agency or Team you must get your Broker and/or Team Leader to verify it.

VERIFY PHONE NUMBER: This is an essential step in the verification process. You will be required to enter a code which is sent to the phone number you provide.

VERIFY EMAIL: This also is an essential step in the verification process. You will be required to click a link that is sent to the email address you provide upon registration.

SUBSCRIBE:  The final step to achieving verification is subscribing to the Pro Plan or purchasing the a la carte verification option.  Why is there a fee for verification?  Two reasons:  1) We actually need to pay humans to properly verify each Member, and 2) It’s a fact that those who have skin in the game tend to be more serious players who want to grow their referral business.  With that said, we feel that the a la carte price of $19.95 to complete verification is fair.

What happens when I’m verified on REALLY™?

First, congratulate yourself on achieving verified status in The Real Estate Referral Community™!!  Second, enjoy the nifty little green checkmark next to your profile image.  See how Keren has that green checkmark next to her profile image?  This quickly and accurately tells all other Members that Keren has been verified.  Now, I can vouch that Keren is an Awesome Real Estate Agent that anyone would be smart to refer their clients to, but if you didn’t know this you could at least be sure that Keren is a real person with a valid Real Estate license.

Whether you are looking to exchange a client referral or simply take some advice from a comment in a post, you can rest assured that if you see the green checkmark, that Member has been verified.

What if you don’t have that green checkmark?  Will a sending party of a referral feel comfortable to select you as the candidate for their client if all other candidates have the green checkmark?

Why the big fuss about verifying?

The Real Estate Industry deserves a place for Agents and Brokers to find and verify each other securely and with speed and ease.  We were in need of a trusted community with the tools to collaborate and refer to each other without an entity in the middle taking a cut.

Now, go get your green checkmark, collaborate with other Members and securely exchange referrals with speed and ease.  That’s why we built REALLY!!