Our Story

A simple tool built to empower Real Estate Professionals.

REALLY was born out of frustration because the Real Estate industry had yet to produce a platform where Professionals who serve the Real Estate Industry could connect, communicate, and securely exchange referrals with speed and ease. 

Until the launch of REALLY, Real Estate Professionals had two options:

 1. DIY – Take hours, maybe even days, to find the right Agent and then have a referral agreement signed via fax, email, or e-signing. 

2. Relinquish control of who works with the client and/or relinquish a portion of the referral fee to a third party.

With the technology arms race in the Real Estate industry at full force, the fact that no one had produced a simple tool to help Real Estate Professionals securely exchange client referrals with speed and ease is what led one of our Co-founders to say, “ENOUGH!”.

Introducing REALLY, The Real Estate Referral Community. Co-founded by Geoffrey Green, a Real Estate broker since 2005 with offices in NY and NJ, REALLY was founded on the principle of fostering the Real Estate community (rather than exploiting it). Geoffrey wanted a time saving, easy-to-use tool accessible to all Real Estate Professionals where they could leverage the networks they build as well as securely exchange client referrals without having to sacrifice any of the commission.

It’s time to take the lead generation power in our industry back from the likes of Zillow, Realtor.com, and other centralized platforms.

— Geoff Green, REALLY™ CEO