How It Works

Easy Referrals

REALLY Easy Referral is a simple 3 step process.

Don’t wait until you know of an Agent in the marketplace of your referral.  

Begin by answering Yes to the question, “do you need help finding the right Agent for your referral?”


The Referral Process

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Step 1: Find or invite the right Agent

REALLY has something for every Agent, whether you’re an Agent interested in Building a National Referral Network or if you’re an Agent who wants to streamline the way they send or receive Referral Agreements with Agents they already know.

Connecting with new Agents is easy.  Connect with new and relevant users from the homescreen or use the search feature to look in a certain area. Use the Community section to find like-minded Agents to connect with as well.

Inviting Agents you already work with is easier. REALLY can look through the contact list on your phone and you can invite other Agents with just a tap.

Your Referral, Your Terms

Step 2: Create a Referral Agreement

Creating a Referral Agreement is now REALLY Easy. (Pun Intended!)

1. To start the process simply go to the “Referrals” tab and tap on the notepad icon near the top right of the screen.

2. Enter your Client’s contact information, transaction details, and your required referral fee. (Contact info is never shared until the agreement is legally bound by both parties.)

3. Finally, choose up to 4 Agents to send the referral to, or let REALLY Easy Referrals do the work of matching you with the right Agent(s) for your referral.  In either case, Agents will receive an email with information about your referral, (not including client contact info), and in this email be given the chance to accept your referral.

Legally Binding with just a Tap

Step 3: Legally Binding & Storing the Referral Agreement

After sending the Referral Agreement, the receiving Agent can review and accept with just a Tap.  What happens next after the receiving Agent accepts?

1. The Referral Agreement is E-signed and a copy is sent to the sending Agent’s email.

2. A copy of the Referral Agreement is saved on Blockchain ensuring it’s authenticity.

3. Finally, the receiving Agent will have a record of the Referral in their app along with the Client Card which has all the contact info for the Client.

REALLY offers three ways to increase your bottom line through referrals.


One to One

When you know just the right Agent to send your referral to.

One to Many

First one to claim it gets it. Use this when you have your own personal referral and you need to pass it to an Agent you know, but you don’t want to play favorites.

REALLY Easy Referrals

This is our patent-pending process, which is most widely used for out of market referrals. RER notifies local Agents about your referral, then you choose the Agent who is the best fit.